SONG CYCLE manifesto…


“It’s time to move on, time to get going...what lies ahead I have no way of knowing,” as Tom Petty said. The livestream thing is weird but interesting, and it’s the same thing I’ve done all my life, and it’s not the same at all...”Strange days indeed,” as John Lennon once said. Whoa. And I’m digressing like a champion.


Before the Coronavirus hit, I had just gotten into a project, aided and inspired greatly by my buddy Fred Adams...I was finally putting my book of complete lyrics together, which has been a lifelong goal. But Fred kept prodding me to dig deeper, and find “missing” songs, particularly by digging into the CASSETTES. I have tubs full of old “work cassettes” and live show cassettes, alternate mixes, home demos, everything all jumbled together in those tubs, hundreds of cassettes. I never thought I’d have time or energy to dig through ‘em all, but Fred does a lot of the work too, and it’s turned out to be pretty rewarding. Of course once we dove into the cassettes, the project got a whole lot more complicated, and more fun, and more hair-pulling frustrating at times. I always imagined I’d wind up an old man, buried in those work tapes and obsessively trying to make some sense of ‘em. And sure enough!


So as I assemble the lyrics book, my “official” song list has blown up to around 450 titles. I’d say a good hundred of those still need work, so at the moment I’m guessing I have around 350 “playable” songs (though I’ll have to relearn a lot of them.) Somewhere around 200 of those are on the “official” releases over the years. So those are the stats.


What occurred to me about this livestream stuff is that I want to try to play every one of my songs. I think it will help tie all the other projects together (I’m also working on a box set of unreleased home demos), and help me really make final decisions about which songs “make the cut” and go in the book, and which don’t.


It’s also a little bit of a challenge and might add an extra element of fun. Like a sporting event! “When’s he gonna come to his senses?” It sounds preposterous, even to me, to think of this in terms of, “Have a seat, I’ll play ya 450 songs!” (And actually, that bizarre number 500 is standing there in the distance, as old songs continue to reappear from the cassettes and the notebooks, and I’m still writing new material...I’d never want to just “pad” the songbook for numbers, and I’m pretty brutally critical of my own work—but I have to admit I’m just curious and, you know—aware where these things stand.)


But sounds crazy to think of playing 400 songs or whatever. But I remember John Steinbeck said: “Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps. Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised.”


If I add 10 songs to the “been played” list a week, that’s 50 weeks to hit 500. I’m not gonna restrict myself from requests, repeats, covers, or whatever I wanta play. It’s gotta stay fun. My friends and I have also come up with a few ideas for how to add a little variety as we go along, so—we’ll see. ( Many thanks to Fred and Larry and Deb Ruth Coons and Z Man and Eric Martinez and Jerry Joseph and everyone who’s offered advice and encouragement, cause I sure as hell don’t know what I’m doing here.) I’m gonna put up a list of “been played” songs on the website, and I’m sure this’ll evolve in different ways. Or else collapse into a big pile of “that was a stupid idea” wreckage. There’s only one way to find out! See ya there!

EPISODE 1  May 18, 2020

1. Preacherman

2. Walking cane

3. Wide eyed kid

4. All dolled up

5. Yeah

6. Who do you belong to?

7. I Asked For Water 

8. Coma Mona

9. Premonition

10. Swallow Fire

11. Lifer
12. Watch Out
      Deportee (Woody Guthrie)
13. The Beautiful Vicious Cycle of Life


EPISODE 2 May 22/23, 2020

14. Little Miss Martyr

15. The Ugliest Part

16. East Atlanta Illuminations

17. Take a Bite

18. Pruitt

19. Absolutely Nothing

20. Crosses by the Highway

21. Birthmark

22. Summer in Georgia

23. Like This

24. Breaking Up On Me
25. Calling Back

26. Mythical Girl

27. True To My Nature

      We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

28. Love’s Getting Older

      I Asked For Water (repeat performance)

29. Ready Anytime

EPISODE 3.  May 25, 2020
30. John Coltrane in Nagasaki

      Lifer (repeat performance)

31. The Blue Skies Above America
32. Crazy In Love
   Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory (Johnny Thunders)

    Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)

   East Atlanta Illuminations (repeat performance)

33. Little Blinking Lights

34. Together Alone

35. Dharma Knife

36. Still Brand New

37. Crosses
   We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)     

38. 7 Days and 7 Nights

39. Right In Time


40. Thrill You

41. Unconditional

42. Shebang Delang

43. The Blues In Heaven

44. Modigliani Eyes (cuts off when stream                goes down)


   A Love of Speed (wrong tuning)

45. It’s Like Falling In Love

46. Liquor Ain't Love

   Love In Vain (Robert Johnson/Stones version)

47. Haunting Montezuma
48. A Love of Speed

49. Wings and a Walking Cane

   Deportee (Woody Guthrie)

   Ooh La La (Faces)

EPISODE 5, June 5/6 

50. Circle of Clay

51. Last Night Out

52. Ponce de Leon Avenue
53. Comeback Kid
54. Baby Sympatico

55. Privilege 

56. Oh No
   What’s So Funny Bout Peace Love and Understanding

   (Nick Lowe)
57. Life’s Funny (but I ain’t laughing)

58. Blood

59. Taboo

60. Pie

   We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles, popularized by Vera Lynn)
   Summer in Georgia (repeat)

    Dirty Dreams (incomplete version)
    Ready Anytime (repeat)

61. Dirty Dreams


EPISODE 6, June 8
62. Black Jacket

63. Can’t Stand Up

64. Drummer

   Bull Run (Mikey Houser)

65.Totally Wild

66. Night School

67. Rev. Jacob Nighttrain

68. Stolen Love

69. Worship You

70. I Looked Down

71. Life in the Minor Leagues

72. Sweet Tooth for Daiquiris 

73. Depression Glass

74. Mud Between My Toes

          Deportee (Woody Guthrie)

          Clap Hands (Tom Waits)

75. Quarter Tank of Gasoline

          Ooh La La (The Faces)

76. Never In Vain

77. One Bird Shy

EPISODE 7, June 12/13

78. Pray For The Car 

79. Wicked Black Snake

80. View From The Top

   The Times They are a Changin’ (Dylan)

81. Pretty Girls in Summer Dresses

82. Tin Roof In The Rain

83. What’s Wrong With Me

84. Heart & Soul & Cornbread

85. Rhododendron

   What’s So Funny ‘bout Peace Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe)

86. Spend It All

87. Epitaph Town

88. All Golden Traces

   We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles, popularized by Vera Lynn)

    Love’s Getting Older (repeat)

89. Jazz Funeral

    Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons/Bob Buchanan)

EPISODE 8 with Eric Carter, June 15

90. Little Simone

91. Hot Damn

92. Little Margarita

93. Speed Freak Highway

94. Can't Get High

95. Metal and Wood

96. Easter Eggs

97. Troutman

98. Beneath the Streets of Nashville

99. Man In Trouble

100. Wet Trombone Blues

EPISODE 9, June 19/20

101. I’ve Got Time

102. Lonesome Out Here

103. Idle Hands

104. Legend of the Desert Willow

        True To My Nature (repeat)

105. Paying What I Owe

106. Code of Honor

        Deportee (Woody Guthrie)

        Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)

107. Come Lean On My Fender

         We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles, popularized by Vera Lynn)

108. One Way Ride

         Pruitt (repeat)
109. Tennessee Williams

         Lost Highway (Hank Williams)



EPISODE 10, June 22/June 23

110. Sticks and Stones

111. Freedom Fizz

112. Leave It Alone

113. Never Told Me Why

114. True Blood Assembly of Ravensville

        Deportee (Woody Guthrie)

         Together Alone (repeat)

 115. The Viper

         Pretty Girls in Summer Dresses (repeat)

         I Asked For Water (repeat)

116. Rotgut

117. New Busted Shuffle

         Life in the Minor Leagues (repeat)

         True To My Nature (repeat)

         We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles, popularized by Vera Lynn)

         Lost Highway (Hank Williams)

         Take a Bite (repeat)

118. Poor Sweet Baby




EPISODE 11, June 29

119. 8 Track Buzz

120. Dark Room Shine

121. When I Loved You

122. Break The Law

123. Something Falls

124. Rock Back Home

125. Five Dollar Frank

        What’s So Funny ‘bout Peace Love and Understanding (Nick Lowe)

        This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

126. Yellow Ribbons

127. Trashy

         Lifer (repeat)

          The Beautiful Vicious Cycle of Life (repeat)

          Waiting For The Man (Velvet Underground)

           Lost Highway (Hank Williams)

           All Dolled Up (repeat)

EPISODE 12, July 10/11

128. Gloryosky

129. Cantina Fever

130. Last Concert Cafe

131. Sweet Black Jesus Magic

132. Lifelike

        The Beautiful Vicious Cycle Of Life                    (repeat)

133- American Country Ghosts

EPISODE 13, July 13

134. T.U.

         Breaking Up On Me (repeat)

135. Can’t Find Myself

         This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

136. Devil’s a Good Old Boy

         Tango til They’re Sore (Tom Waits)

137. Ghost Runner

138. Beneath the Green Window

        Goodbye (Steve Earle)

        Jesus on the Main Line (traditional)

139. Makes Sense To Me

140. Way Too Loud

141. At Long Last

        Together Alone (repeat)

        We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

EPISODE 14, July 17/18

142. One Man Band

143. Sing it All Over Me

144. 99 Miles

145. Cheap Speed

        The Times they are a Changin’ (Dylan)

        Jesus On The Main Line (traditional)

146. Orchard

147. Made You Mine

148. Piss and Vinegar

149. Slow Boat To Mars

        Breaking Up On Me (repeat)

150. Eclipse

       Wheels (Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons)

       Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)
       Leave It Alone (repeat)

       Ready Anytime (repeat)

EPISODE 15, July 24/25

151. Transistor Radio

        The Times They Are A-Changin’

        (Bob Dylan)

        Burnin’ and Lootin’ (Bob Marley)

152. Going to Church Tonight

153. I Don’t Plan On

154. Look Straight

155. Mean Mean Mina

156. My Skin

157. Dreamer’s Suitcase

158. Rockin’ The Bow

        Loving Cup (Rolling Stones)

159. Something Shining Bright

        Right In Time (repeat)

        Who Do You Belong To? (repeat)

        This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

160. Home Before Dark

161. Good Time Over and Done

        We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

EPISODE 16, July 31/August 1
162. The Waiting Room
163. The Last Hit
164. Perennial
165. Ghost In The Rain
166. Something To Say
        This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
        Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg)
        Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
167. Everblooming Righteous Gospel      Peaches…
168.  Accounting
169. Perfume
         Burnin’ & Lootin’ (Bob Marley)
         Watch Out (repeat)
         We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

EPISODE 17, August 3, Monday 8 PM
         Everblooming Righteous Gospel Peaches (repeat)
         Little Miss Martyr (repeat)
         Ghost in the Rain (repeat)
         Leave It Alone (repeat)
170. Success Yourself
         Tennessee Williams (repeat)
171. I Just Want To Love Somebody
         The Beautiful Vicious Cycle of Life (repeat)
         Deportee (Woody Guthrie)
         Burnin’ & Lootin’ (Bob Marley)
         Watch Out (repeat)
Quarter Tank of Gasoline (repeat)

172. Ghost In The Van Band
         Love’s Getting Older (repeat)
         Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen)
         Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)
         Breaking Up On Me (repeat)
         Wheels (Chris Hillman/Gram Parsons)
         True To My Nature (repeat)
         All Dolled Up (repeat)

EPISODE 18 August 7-8
173. Church Meeting
174. Welcome
175. The Hard Stuff
176. Hold On To You
177. Gave Her Up
         Together Alone (repeat)
178. Ferris Wheel In My Heart
179. Chat With a Daffodil
180. Poor Julie
         Modigliani Eyes (repeat)
181. Dixie Mattress
182. Down Gets Up
183. Diggin’ Up the Bone
         Loving Cup (Rolling Stones)
        Jazz Funeral (repeat)
184. Led Astray
         Tennessee Williams (repeat)
185. #1 Good Luck Charm
         We'll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)

EPISODE 19, August 10, Monday 8 PM
       (This One’s for Mikey)
186. Sleeping on Nails
187. Wait Forever
188. Shotgun Wedding
189. Tearing Up The Tiles
         Bull Run (Mike Houser)
190. The Music
191. Ambulance
192. You Better Pray
         Wheels (Chris Hillman/Gram Parsons)
         Is Your Love in Vain (Bob Dylan)
         Watch Out (repeat)
         Mythical Girl (repeat)
193.  Looking for Something to Steal
         Privilege (repeat)
         Together Alone (repeat)
         Who Do You Belong To? (repeat)
         Deportee (Woody Gutherie)
         Lost Highway (Hank WIlliams)
         Leave It Alone (repeat)

EPISODE 20, August 17
194. Hand Right in Front of Your Face
195. Thunderstorm
196. Dead Betty Blues
197. Halfway
198. Sugar and Rum
          This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
           Burnin’ and Lootin’ (Bob Marley) (stream cut out?)
          Watch Out (repeat) (stream cut out?)
199. Bookends
200. New Faces
          We’ll Meet Again (Parker/Charles)
           True To My Nature (repeat)
           Quarter Tank of Gasoline (repeat)
            Clap Hands (Tom Waits)
            I Asked For Water (repeat)
            Ready Anytime (repeat)
             Ooh La La (the Faces)
             Never In Vain (repeat)

EPISODE 21, August 21 w/ Jon Mills (a set for Todd)
        What’s Wrong With Me (repeat)
        True To My Nature (repeat)
201. Drive Home September
         The Blues In Heaven (repeat)
         Life in the Minor Leagues (repeat)
         Can’t Find Myself (repeat)
          White Freight Liner Blues (Townes Van Zandt)
          Dharma Knife (repeat)
          Leave It Alone (repeat)
          Jazz Funeral (repeat)
202. End of the Show

Episode 22, August 24

203. Resurrection Cookies (instrumental)
        Break The Law (repeat)
        T.U. (repeat)
         Rhododendron (repeat)
         Worship You (repeat)

204.  Lars On Lithium (instrumental)
         True Blood Assembly of Ravensville (repeat)
         Ghost in the Rain (repeat)
          Together Alone (repeat)
           Mandolindy of the Show (instrumental     version of End of the Show)
           Breaking Up On Me (repeat)

205. Windshield Blues (instrumental)
206.  Ain’t A Single Thing

Episode 23, August 31
207. Galactiwine
208. Fix It Up Man
209. Counting On You
210. Rooming House
211. Damage at Jack’s
212. Traveling Companion
213. Transfusion

214. Kingly
       Raise The Roof (Widespread Panic)

215. New Horse and Carriage
       Birthmark (repeat)
         Drive Home September (repeat)
        Rotgut (repeat)
216. Stars
       Love’s Getting Older (repeat)
       Wheels (Chris Hillman/Gram Parsons)

          Leave It Alone (repeat)
          Lost Highway (Hank Williams)
          Dharma Knife (repeat)
          Lifer (repeat)