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Alright! This is more like it!

I've been bitching about Trump's failure to condemn the "Unite the Right" racists who marched on Charlottesville. So in fairness, let me now be the first to say: Thank you, sincerely, Mr. President, for saying what genuinely needed to be said.

Today, after receiving withering criticism from his own party for his failure to speak up...President Trump explicitly called out and denounced white supremacists by name!

This is a great relief and reassurance for all decent American citizens, both those who voted for and against Trump.

I realize this doesn't solve everything, and I still have plenty of complaints about this current administration. But this lets us all breathe a little easier. I don't care what pressures may have driven Trump to make his least he said it. It's important because...

His previous silence toward white supremacists looked like a wink and a nod of approval. It encouraged them. Here's what the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, had to say about Charlottesville and Trump's initially vague response:

************************************************************ (from the neo-Nazi website THE DAILY STORMER) “WE HAVE AN ARMY! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A WAR!...

Trump comments were good. He didn’t attack us. He just said the nation should come together. Nothing specific against us.

He said that we need to study why people are so angry, and implied that there was hate … on both sides!

So he implied the antifa are haters.

There was virtually no counter-signaling of us at all.

He said he loves us all..."

(The neo-Nazi live blog also noted that Trump had refused to respond when a reporter asked about white nationalists who supported him.

“No condemnation at all,” the Daily Stormer wrote. “When asked to condemn, [Trump] just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him.”) ***************************************************************

SO...hopefully now the Nazi and KKK slime balls feel a little less empowered.

Thanks again, President Trump, for doing the right thing today.

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