Hurricane Harvey and Memories of The Last Concert Cafe

The good people of Houston, Texas have always made me feel right at home.

I haven't been able to find the words about the vicious floods in Texas, the after-effects of Hurricane Harvey. It's just plain sad, and I find myself sitting here reflecting on what Houston has meant to me.

When Dave Schools and I were looking to make my most recent record, The Beautiful Vicious Cycle Of Life, I found the financing and enthusiasm amongst my friends in Houston. That's a deep bond in my world. Thick as blood. We brought some music to life, and for me that's better than striking oil, to use a little Lone Star imagery.

I was lucky enough these last five years or so to play some shows at THE LAST CONCERT CAFE, 1403 Nance St. It became one of my favorite venues anywhere. Unique and soulful, an open courtyard with palm trees, Tex Mex cuisine and a full bar tucked in the little building at the back...locals told me strange, rambling stories about the history of the place; it was originally a bordello, frequented by some local politicians, some of whom stepped up and insisted on a change in plans when highway construction was due to plow right through the structure. And the whole vibe of the place just struck me as lushly textured, located in a warehouse district, just a little hint of shadiness or danger, brightened with the vibrant paintings and the music. Could have come straight out of a Sam Shepard play.

The musical history of the area in general has definitely shaped my life. Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, just for starters, were as good as American writing gets. But that's just the beginning...

Anyway, it's weird to hear news reports that question if Houston is even going to be livable after the floods. Questions about the toxified ground water, etc.'s all disturbing. We're all looking around for the best ways to help, I guess, and there are great organizations ready to guide our all know as much about this as I do, I'm sure. We should all do what we can.

I want my friends in Houston and surrounding areas to know my heart is with you all. God bless Texas.

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