Descendants of Robert E. Lee Reject White Supremacists

Direct descendants of Robert E. Lee denounce the white supremacists, without strings.

As does the US Military.

As do the country's most prominent conservative Republicans. (Trump ain't genuinely Republican, nor Conservative.)

But Trump can't bring himself to condemn the white supremacists without strings. He has to muddy the stream. Gets really angry about it. Seems to take it very personally. Wants to spread the blame to include the "alt-Left," the press, etc.

This is direct encouragement to the likes of the KKK and neo-Nazis.

Trump send out marching orders to the GOP today, instructing they should all say Trump was "entirely correct" with his statements about Charlottesville yesterday.

But they won't. Even Trump's staff was mortified.

Because Trump's statements were bullshit, and he was disturbingly angry during his press conference, verging on mania.

Of course there are extremists on the Left. Any of their illegal acts should be condemned. But the white supremacists start from a core belief that whites are superior to others, and they want to legislate that bullshit into action in our society. (They are also trying to legitimize themselves by saying they are going to "fulfill Trump's promises" etc.)

Everyone but Trump seems able to make that distinction.

There are only so many possibilities at this point: 1) Trump is mentally ill or halfway senile or some combination thereof. 2) Trump completely agrees with white supremacists. 3)Trump is an idiot.

Any way you slice it, it adds up to trouble. This is a crisis. I haven't been on board with notions of impeachment etc., because I saw that talk as a huge waste of time.

Until now. Condition red.

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