The Interstellar Road

Tomorrow I leave for Colorado. The INTERSTELLAR BOYS tour kicks off in Eagle on Thursday, July 13.

I'm honored to be part of it. These guys are some of the best musicians around: Sam Holt, Jerry Joseph, Eric Martinez, Jon Mills, Todd Nance, and John Neff. I'm also lucky to call 'em all friends.

I've received so many messages inquiring about my health these days, so I want to answer: I'm doing okay. Recovery from a stroke is a process, and supposedly can take up to two years. My doctors predict full recovery, so I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile it's day to day. The main effect is stiffness on my right side, particularly in my arm. So some days the guitar strummin' ain't what it used to be. But I'm working hard at it, and I seem to keep up when the music's happening. The bright side is, my singing is unaffected, and in some ways I think I've focused on that more intensely, and found some new territory. Life is funny.

Overall, I'm really lucky. That's my mantra. In perspective, I'm one of the luckier guys in the world. I'm intensely grateful to everyone who contributed to the recovery fund; it kept me from losing my house, to be sure. I'm still facing a growing mountain of medical bills, but, hey...I'm sure not the only American facing that predicament.

I'm also working on a compilation of my home recordings. Working with 124 unreleased songs, and I don't consider any of 'em throwaways. Honestly, they're some of my favorites I've ever written. I've certainly poured as much blood and sweat into this project as any I've ever tackled. When it's completed, there will first of all be free copies to everyone who donated to my fund. I thank you all, and thank you all again.

And, yes...later this year we're planning to get Bloodkin rolling again too.

So that's my update. Tomorrow we blast off, and I'm ready to fuckin' rock. See y'all out there.

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