Happy Valentine's Day, America

Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for National Security Adviser was one of Trump’s typically klutzy cabinet choices. The Justice Department warned the White House last month that Flynn lied about telephone calls with the Russians, and could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Flynn also apparently lied to Vice President Pence about the situation. Trump has defended Flynn until now, but just three weeks into this presidency, the criticism and suspicion have grown too intense to ignore, and today Flynn was forced to resign. At the very least, this situation calls into serious question Trump’s judgment, and the logical implications are even more sinister. Flynn’s departure is the first step in reclaiming our country from the Russian sabotage of our election. Trump was obviously involved––openly called for Russia to hack Democratic emails, is subservient to Putin's goals of dissolving the EU and NATO etc. Trump's son has bragged about his family's massive business dealings in Russia. Direct conflicts of interest. On and on. And all along Trump has praised and gushed in a strange and sickening way over Putin, who is one of the more appalling violators of human rights in the modern world. Trump's administration is one of the biggest con jobs ever pulled on the American people; his cabinet is a grotesque menagerie of racists, homophobes and billionaire buddies with no qualifications for their posts at all. Trump's complete inexperience in international diplomacy is already a glaring red flag and an embarrassment. Some Trump supporters are already regretting their vote. And things are going to get much, much worse. But you gotta start somewhere. Flynn is history. Happy Valentine's Day, America.

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