All Down The Line

My first day with my kids and Prez after I got out of the hospital

I was able to go see my kids, Amberly and Zac, perform in their school Christmas musical Tuesday night. The Chase Street Elementary Tree Frogs rocked the house, baby.

I feel genuinely lucky I was able to attend. Last week I wound up stroked out in a hospital bed, finally knocked down by 2016. It's been a relentless year...the shocking deaths in our little music community here in Athens, the suicide of my friend in Houston who helped me put out my solo record, then the death of my beloved Mother, Frankie Irene. Plus other bizarre and disturbing scenarios; dear friends in and out of rehabs, separations and divorces, including my own...I guess it was all too much for me.


Right now I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you out there...for the hundreds of texts, phone calls, flowers and cards from all over the country...and for your incredibly generous donations to the Go Fund Me account, set up by my loved ones, to help with medical expenses and bills...I'm genuinely humbled.

'Cause I'm not sure when I'll be working again, when or if I'll play guitar. I mean, I hope to, but at this point who knows? But I'll try to hold up my end...I have a few records in the can, plus two a batch of unrecorded new songs...and I'm gonna try to make 'em all available at some point soon, one way or another. I really did give this Art deal everything I had. With total joy. It was a privilege, and a blast.

Then we have benefits being arranged in Atlanta and Nashville (details soon)...And finally, we have the Bloodkin & Friends extravaganza coming up December 10 at the Georgia Theatre in Athens. This is lining up to be a stellar night of music. Thanks again for all your involvement, folks, from the bottom of my ragged old rock n roll heart.


But here's the weird part. Earlier that day, Sunday, November 27, before I had my stroke...Bloodkin went in the studio with David Barbe, and recorded a new song, "Beneath the Streets of Nashville". (Now there's some theatrics for ya, folks...our first recording in years, then later that evening, whammo). And if it winds up being our last song, I'll tell you this: it's a fitting way to roll the credits. I'd be proud.

You'll hear it before long. And if I'm able, I hope to drop in for a visit at the Georgia Theatre show this Saturday. But whatever happens, you people are in my heart forever...all of you out there in our musical family. I've become a big old weepy mess've all made me feel my life's work (the music I made with Eric Carter, etc.) meant something. I love every one of you.

So y'all keep rockin'. Like the Stones said:

"Yeah, all the people singing

All down the line..."

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