This Godforsaken Election

"A Sense of Humor is Major League Important." The great Berkeley Breathed and his Bloom County.

We got our asses kicked last night, those of us who supported Hillary Clinton. It's that simple. For better or worse, we elect the president we deserve. So here we are.

It's a grim morning. Like we've received news of a hostile invasion from outer space, and we're waiting to be rounded up for the slaughter. I truly feel this is a horrible development for most Americans, but the people have spoken according to our rule of law.

My truest urge is to buy a bottle of tequila this morning, crawl out beneath the pecan trees in the backyard and get wasted. But I won't. I have to get my kids off to school, and this afternoon they get home from I'll get on with my life, and get back to what's most important.

If nothing else, this election has been interesting. Of course, there's the saying purported to be a Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"...though I've read it's really not Chinese at all. But you get the point. This campaign was mean and hurtful and basically showed America at its worst. Such a violent tidal wave of emotion and primal urges. And for today, fear and anger have won.

Where exactly we'll go from here, I honestly have no idea. In many ways I'm downright depressed, but you can't live that way. Gotta fight through it. Right? These are the times when a sense of humor is major-league important, and some dear friends, and maybe my beloved old Guild guitar...maybe it's time to write some songs. I wrote less this year than any year of my adult life.

Truth be told, even outside this godforsaken election, this has been my toughest year, personally speaking. The Trump victory kinda completes the cycle.

So here we go. All we can be now is gracious in defeat. Let's show some dignity, and accept these results in a way Trump said he wouldn't. Let's wish him the very best of luck, and hope his hand is guided by wisdom and compassion. Let's hope he surprises those of us who opposed him, and accomplishes many wonderful things for this country and the world.

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